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Tweet Treats is a Great Place to Find Interesting Articles and Links to the Weird Side of Life. Great Gadgets, Terrific Toys, 3D Movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, New Release Blu-Ray Movies, Hard to Find, Rare, Out of Print Movies on DVD Blu-Ray Laserdisc and VHS, Gothic Jewelry, and Decorative Belt Buckles, Nerd Alerts for Geeky Gifts like Glow in the dark Neon Animated T Shirts, Shirts you can Play as Real Musical Instruments, and a Whole Bunch of useful stuff that's Fun, and Just May help you Earn Extra Cash online Too... Tweet treats will be focussing very much on the best use of your Social network Connections to make extra money while you do your everyday communications. There are some Genuine Opportunities available to Earn Actual Cash Dollars for simple, subtle, advertizing, mixed in with your Tweets, Youtube Videos, and FaceBook Messages, with very little effort on your part. With Twitter, the most important thing is to have Plenty of Followers, a Simple Task to gain Followers, and when your Twitter Followers start to number in the High Hundreds, to the Many Thousands, the opportunities to set your Advertizing fees to a Real Sustainable amount begins to make Tweeting, Interesting, and profitable. Your Tweets can attract $1.50 Each for a twitter Account that has less than a Thousand Followers, and Grow substantially for Popular Accounts that number in the Thousands, or Millions. Visit The Main Earner Site http://bit.ly/GetPaidToTWEET To Sign up through the Very Simple Joining process to get started, and send your followers there to attract further income from the Bonus you receive for Directing New Account Sign Ups. GET OFFICIAL LICENSED MP3 MUSIC and AUDIO BOOK DOWNLOADS

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Some of the Subjects we will cover here at Tweet Treats are Nostalgic and Collectible Items, that can mean Rare Comic Books, Out of Print (But Still Available) Movie DVD's and Documentaries, Unique and Totally Awesome Hands-on Entertainment, like Indoor DIY Rollercoaster and Marble Run Kits, Desktop Trebuchet's for waging War against your fellow Office Workers, 3D Movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, 3D Entertainment of other types like Anaglyph Posters and the Software to create your Own 3D Imagery, including Free Downloads of Sample and Demo Software fro Creating 3D Models and 3D Rendered Scenes that look absolutely real, Photographic Aides like the Photomosaic / PhotoStitching Software that enables you to Create MegaPixel Poster Size Photo's with any Digital camera of any Size.

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